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Set of standards on climate neutrality: Overview and interrelationships

Objective of the ISO 14060 series of standards

The ISO 14060 series of standards was introduced for project- and program-based greenhouse gas management of organizations. It offers organizations assistance in standardizing greenhouse gas management processes and making them credible and at the same time more transparent. The ISO 14060 series of standards provides organizations with concrete support for the following activities within the scope of greenhouse gas emission management:

  • Development and implementation of strategies and plans for greenhouse gas management
  • Development and implementation of mitigation measures through emission reductions and improvements in the removal of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Instruments to determine performance and progress in reducing GHG emissions and/or improving GHG abatement
  • Improving the credibility, consistency and transparency of GHG quantification, monitoring, reporting and uniform requirements for validation (ex ante) and verification (ex post)
    What are the relationships between the various substandards of ISO 14060?

The following figure makes it clear: The sub-standards of ISO 14060 work hand in hand with the goal of complete greenhouse gas emissions reporting. It offers a suitable introduction to project- and/or program-based greenhouse gas emissions reporting for every starting situation. Companies can make use of DIN 14060 and adapt it to their specific needs. This advantage results from the separation of the standard into several substandards.

Relationship within the greenhouse gas management standards series ISO 14060

Author: Sven Worm

Karben, 27.08.2020

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