Electricity price compensation

The aid for indirectCO2 costs(also known as SPC or electricity price compensation) is intended to compensate companies in certain electricity-intensive sectors and sub-sectors for part of the costs of purchasing electricity incurred as a result of European emissions trading. Accordingly, the aid is linked to the electricity consumption of installations.

The aid is also regulated for the years after 2020 and can be applied for retrospectively for an expired calendar year. Aid applications for an application year must be submitted to the competent authority (DEHSt), audited by an auditor in accordance with the Directive, by 31 May at the latest. of the following year electronically signed via the Virtual Post Office (VPS). Applications submitted late will not be accepted. The aid for the respective application year would be cancelled.

We assist with the:

  • Implementation and optimisation of your applications and change requests in the required format (Form Management System of DEHSt.)
  • Organisation and monitoring of the audit by the auditors
  • Execution of the dispatch and communication via the Virtual Mailroom of the DEHSt. (VPS) including VPS backup

If you wish, we can also handle the complete tasks for you, including the preparation of all applications, data analyses and communication with the authorities.

We will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer.


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