Sustainable energy procurement and generation

Environmental and climate protection and professional, competitive and risk-appropriate energy procurement are not mutually exclusive. Instead, climate protection aspects must be integrated in an appropriate manner into the energy procurement and energy generation strategy.

We are happy to support you as far as legally possible. Our experts have many years of experience in the development of tailor-made, sustainable energy procurement strategies for electricity and gas (from fixed price models to tranche models to structured procurement with corresponding management methods within the framework of customer-specific risk specifications) for large and major customers (including various listed groups), their implementation via corresponding tendering services to find suitable suppliers or trading partners and support in the price management and supply phase.

In addition, we advise in particular on issues relating to the integration of energy generation based on renewable energies, whether in the form of guarantees of origin or more complex through self-generation, contracting or on-site/off-site PPAs, and help to correctly classify the actual additionality and credibility of your corresponding green (electricity) commitment. The more complex variants in particular have the potential to be both ecologically particularly sensible and economically interesting and thus to make a considerable contribution to achieving even ambitious targets for reducing the CO2 footprint.

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