Carbon footprint (CO2 footprint)

The initial and subsequent regular calculation of the carbon footprint as a central KPI at company, product or project level is essential for the assessment of the climate friendliness of companies as well as their preparation and implementation of corresponding climate strategies.

There are a number of established standards and guidelines that should be followed to ensure soundness, resilience and communicability. A Carbon Footprint calculation is typically composed of the following steps, some of which are iterative:

Experience has shown that the compilation of carbon footprints requires a sound knowledge of the relevant guidelines (e.g. ISO, GHG Protocol, PAS, databases such as Probas, GEMIS, etc.). Our experienced staff and experts have already assisted a large number of clients in the preparation of their carbon footprint(s) up to successful verification by an independent verification body. In addition to medium-sized to large industrial companies, we have also assisted in the development of carbon footprint(s). also large, internationally active companies from the agricultural sector.

We would be happy to support you in this as well.


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