Sector coupling, Power to X, H₂

Whether on a global, European or national level, the use of hydrogen and synthetic fuels based on renewable energies as energy carriers is another major topic of our time in the context of the transformation towards climate neutrality and sustainability with significant implications for the entire economy. The variety of actors is great, the initiatives diverse, the funding possibilities considerable but in parts confusing and in part just emerging. The resulting business implications are complex and fraught with both risk and opportunity.

Here it is important to maintain an overview and to position oneself strategically in the best possible way. Our employees and experts, who are experienced in the production and use of hydrogen as well as synthetic fuels up to the optimal energy supply of such plants, will be pleased to help you.

We will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

How GALLEHR+PARTNER® can support:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Grants Screening
  • Hydrogen color theory
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Raising flexibility potentials
  • Realisation of H2 electricity cost privileges


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