Develop climate strategy: Get funding of up to €80,000 for the path to climate neutrality


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On 01.11.2021, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy published the new funding program “Transformation Concepts” as part of the federal funding for energy and resource efficiency in the economy (EEW).

The aim of the funding program is to provide financial support to companies in the preparation of transformation concepts (climate strategy) for the planning and implementation of their own transformation towards greenhouse gas neutrality. How can you now benefit from this new funding program and which measures are eligible?

A resilient climate strategy enables you to hedge againstCO2 and fossil commodity price risks in the long term and increase your independence from their markets, thus improving your competitive position. This is how you position your company for the future. It also gives you the chance to implement a climate management system. This identifies internal climate risks and opportunities. By recording their current emissions and their sources in detail, potential savings are discovered and transparency is created. From this, in turn, efficient reduction options can be derived. This transparency can help you, for example, to create a carbon footprint (CO2 balance) for your products.

To give you a rough overview of the funding program, we have summarized funded measures, the demanding requirements for the concept, as well as the funding amount in key words:

What is promoted?

Promoted in particular:

  • The preparation of a CO2 balance for one or more company locations, i.e. the recording of the ACTUAL state, here a consideration of your suppliers is also possible
  • Costs for energy consulting and other consulting services directly related to the transformation concept; the introduction of implementation processes, e.g., a climate protection management system, is also included.
  • Costs for measurements and data collection

What requirements must the transformation concept meet in order to be eligible for funding?

  • Determination of the actual state(carbon footprint) in at least Scope 1, 2, (3 optional) according to GHG Protocol or ISO 14064-1
  • TARGET state with concrete climate target: GHG reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 of at least 40% within 10 years of application submission.
  • Binding presentation of measures to achieve the TARGET target in an action plan
  • At least one investment measure must be supported according to module 4 of the EEW
  • Binding presentation of measures to achieve the TARGET target (climate management system)
  • General illustration of a pathway to GHG neutrality by 2045.

What level of funding can be expected and what is the personal contribution?

  • Maximum funding share of total costs of the transformation concept: SMEs: 60%, non-SMEs 50%.
  • Maximum 80.000€ per transformation concept

As pilots towards climate neutrality, GALLEHR+PARTNER® offer many years of experience in these specialist areas. We record your CO2 balance, determine GHG savings potential and develop a climate strategy. We take care of the application and verification and would like to offer you a comprehensive, cost-efficient accompaniment into climate neutrality, true to the motto “everything from one source”.

If you have any further questions on the subject of transformation concepts towards climate neutrality, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to perform the following activities for you in this environment: