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Welche Schuhgröße hat IHR Unternehmen?
GALLEHR + PARTNER ermittelt und reduziert Ihren Carbon Footprint

GALLEHR+PARTNER Carbon Value Mangagement

Be part of the solution with the GALLEHR+PARTNER® Carbon Value Management

Already in 2008 we developed the Carbon Value Management approach in the GALLEHR+PARTNER® Netzwerk and were allowed to present it in the technical journal Energie&Management . The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also reported on this management approach in 2009 in the article “Jenseits der DIN Normen“.

Due to current events this report is now available

Climate protection and CO2 -neutrality are issues that no company can ignore anymore; the requirements have an impact on the company from the outside, harbor risks, but also opportunities

→ Climate protection and CO2neutrality and implement them in such a way that the economic consequences can be recognised and used

GALLEHR+PARTNER Carbon Value Added - Where are you as a company part of the solution for CO2 neutrality

  • A Carbon Due Diligence is carried out in two steps on the basis of the existing corporate planning
  1. Carbon Footprint: Analysis of current greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Carbon Value Added: Analysis of the impact of external factors on economic success and their impact on planned revenues and expenses
  • The carbon value of the company is determined as the company value adjusted for the effects of CO2 Situation
  • Building on this, climate-induced measures to increase the value of the company are defined

→ As a result, a higher carbon value is achieved; the increase over the original company value corresponds to the carbon value added, i.e. the company benefits from the challenge of climate protection.

Download the process presentation on GALLEHR+PARTNER® Carbon Value Management for free here