Allocation data reports: FMS online and deadline exceptionally extended

First things first:

The statutory deadline for submitting the first allocation data reports for the 4th trading period would be 31 March 2021 (cf. Article 3 EU Adaptation Regulation, Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1842). As the allocation procedure for existing installations in the 4th trading period in the allocation period 2021-2025 is currently still being prepared intensively at European and national level, it is not possible for the Allocation data reports 2019 and 2020 exceptionally and if required at the latest by the 30 June 2021 without any negative consequences for the plant operators. DEHSt will start checking the allocation data reports after this date.

The FMS for the preparation of allocation data reports is online

The FMS application for creating the allocation data report (ZDB) is available on the DEHSt website. In addition, you will find the following assistance:

  • Excel tools for specific allocation elements with product emission value,
  • Excel tool for the allocation of material flows to allocation elements as well as
  • FMS Allocation Data Report Manual.


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