Introduction ISO 50001:2018, 2. the challenge

Since 2014, GALLEHR+PARTNER® has established a total of 15 complex energy management systems and had them independently certified according to ISO 50001. From individual certifications of basic industries and an international research campaign to a pan-European multi-site energy management matrix in the electronics industry (semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly).

At the end of 2018, we were commissioned to develop an energy management system that was to be certified in accordance with the new ISO 50001:2018 standard revision and at the same time serve as the basis for an integrated management system. That alone was an interesting challenge. However, it became more complex to meet the customer’s other requirements:

  • Successful certification even before the start of production (no historical energy inputs available)
  • Energy management in a fully automated factory (compatibility to the use of AI algorithms and further human-machine interfaces on different levels via augmented reality up to real-time monitoring)
  • Modular structure as the basis for an integrated management system at the site
  • Embedding in the Group’s own management and production processes
  • Full compatibility with the group’s pan-European energy management matrix, which is certified to ISO 50001:2011 until further notice.

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