1. overview of ISO 50001:2018

Even if the existing certificates for energy management systems according to ISO 50001:2011 are still valid until 2021 and theoretically a certification according to the “old” energy management standard would still be possible, GALLEHR+PARTNER recommends® new energy management systems immediately after the current revision of the standard ISO 50001:2018 or to prepare the conversion of existing energy management systems to the new revision of the standard now.

In 2019, GALLEHR+PARTNER® had the privilege of setting up an energy management system for a new semiconductor factory under construction in Dresden for one of the world’s largest electronics groups and actively supporting it through to certification in accordance with ISO 50001:2018. Based on this practical example, we would like to show the necessary steps of setting up an energy management system according to the new standard revision ISO 50001:2018.

Although we cannot go into every single step that was necessary to complete this ambitious project in just over half a year without any deviations from the standard, we will try to present a roadmap in several posts on how to structure a project to successfully implement an energy management system according to ISO 50001:2018 at such an early stage.

Little by little we will put online practice reports from the distribution of tasks to certification in individual online articles.

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