GALLEHR+PARTNER® offers EU-ETS plant operators support in sending out 2019 emissions reports

Currently, many companies in Europe are being encouraged to allow their employees to work outside the company boundaries (home office). Many administrative tasks can currently be carried out from the home office, but the possibilities for distributed working are often not yet sufficiently developed. In particular, the eGovernance communication channel of the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) to be used for the submission of emissions reports via the VPS requires the availability of special IT infrastructure at the place of work.

But what if the relevant deadlines of 31.03. and 30.04. possibly be endangered because of illness?

On 20.03.2020, the DEHSt commented on this issue on its website . However, since the wording “due to the illness or absence of female employees” does not give carte blanche for non-compliance with the deadlines, we advise every company to do everything possible to meet the current reporting and submission obligations on time.

Accordingly, the obligation to submit the verified emissions reports of the year 2019 via the virtual post office (VPS) of the DEHSt by 31 March 2020 in a timely and signed manner should also be fulfilled in the currently applicable state of emergency.

The risk of not submitting emissions reports on time is an estimate of 2019 emissions by DEHSt. The estimate will normally be conservative; accordingly, there may be an increased obligation to surrender emission allowances. In addition, a blocking of the registry account may occur if the entries of the verified emissions, the so-called VET entries, are not submitted in time by 31 March. will take place.

GALLEHR+PARTNER® offers operators of plants subject to emissions trading the option of a security backup of the DEHST communication channels.

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Here you can also download a power of attorney for the dispatch of emission allowances by third parties.