Are you sure if you are affected by the European Emissions Trading Scheme or not? As the answer could have a significant financial impact on your organisation, GALLEHR+PARTNER as IATA Strategic Partner developed a recommended approach to answer this question within the free of charge GALLEHR+PARTNER CO2-Newsletter 04/09.

In order to secure the free allocation of Emission Rights for Airline Operators for the 9 years from 2012 until 2020 it is crucial to submit Monitoring Plans to the Competent Authorities until Aug. 31st of this year. Even a small operator with CO2-Emissions of 15 000 tonnes yearly could lose a free allocation with a value of appr. 300 000 Euro.

One can argue, that the EU Commission has published the list of affected aviation operators already, but it turned out that this list is not binding. It is in each operators own responsibility to identify whether it is affected by the European Emissions Trading Scheme or not.