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On the subject of national and European emissions trading: The German Emissions Trading Authority(DEHSt) has published the deadlines for 2021 for both European(EU ETS) and national emissions trading(nEHS) and made them available for download as an ICS deadline.

The following deadlines can be viewed accordingly on the DEHSt homepage.

EU emissions trading:

The following deadlines apply to European emissions trading:

until 03/31:

On 01.04.: Blocking of installation and aircraft operator holding accounts with missing entry of verified emissions

Until 30.04: surrender of allowances according to actual emissions in the previous year

From 01.05: Publication of verified emissions and the number of surrendered allowances for the previous year for each aircraft operator and for each installation

Until June 30:

By 31.12: Confirmation of account details in the Union registry

National Emissions Trading:

The following deadlines apply to national emissions trading:

From 01.04 to 30.11: opening of compliance accounts in the nEHS registry and

until 12/31:

Karben, 10.02.2021 Author: Sina Barragan

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