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Use the RGC-BECV-CALCULATOR to calculate potential aid payments under the SESTA Carbon Leakage Regulation (BECV)

Calculate your potential aid payment under the SESTA Carbon Leakage Regulation (BECV) with the new tool from our cooperation partner Ritter Gent Collegen (RGC).

The federal government passed the SESTA Carbon Leakage Regulation (BECV) on March 30, 2021. Approval by the Bundestag and the EU Commission is still pending. RGC no longer expects any significant changes.

The BECV entitles companies from (sub)sectors listed in two lists to apply for a subsidy payment to mitigate their burdens from national emissions trading (SES). We already expect a significant increase in the CO2 prices provided for in the SESTA in the coming years. There is no other way to achieve the new ambitious climate protection targets. This means that the possibility of compensation from the BECV is becoming increasingly important for companies and a significant competitive factor.

Because of this importance, RGC’s Legal-Tech unit has developed the RGC-BECV-RECHNER for you. According to RGC, you can use this on the climate website “#RGC-TOPKlima” for your company’s

  • CO2 pollution (CO2/t),
  • CO2 costs (in €) and
  • Potential compensation/aid payment (in €)

have various options for modifying the calculation and can, for example, reflect the effects of expected CO2 price increases.

If the activity of your company does not yet belong to any (sub-)sector of the BECV eligible for aid, i.e. you cannot yet benefit from it, you should urgently check the possibility of subsequent recognition with your professional association. RGC is already preparing an application for recognition for the first association.

Karben, 25.05.2021

We will be pleased to carry out the following activities for you in the context of SESTA:

  • Advice on the economic and procedural effects of the SESTA incl. BECV on your company
  • Advice for possible switch to EU-ETS
  • Preparation and submission of the monitoring plan in accordance with §6 BEHG and continuous monitoring up to approval
  • Verifiable determination of fuel emissions and preparation of the emissions report in accordance with § 7 para. 1, 2 SESTA
  • Preparation and support of the verification of the emission report according to § 7 para. 3 SESTA
  • Submission of the verified emissions report to the competent authority (DEHSt) by 31.07 of the following year after §7 para. 1 SESTA
  • Verification to avoid double charging according to §7 para. 5 SESTA
  • Support in the establishment of accounts and account representatives in the national emissions trading registry pursuant to section 12 para. 2 SESTA for the administration of emission allowances pursuant to section 9 para. 1
  • Support in the management of their register account e.g. as one of the authorized account holders
    • Verification of transfers
    • timely retransfers of emission allowances by 30.09 for the previous year pursuant to § 8 SESTA
    • Data updates of information in the register
    • Representation of historical account movements and balances on the basis of account statements
  • Support in the purchase and sale of emission certificates
  • Support with requests for information and assistance with on-site inspections by the competent authority pursuant to § 14 SESTA
  • Support with the application according to BECV
  • Identification of emission allowance price drivers and market monitoring
  • Ad hoc announcements on relevant events, political developments and legislative changes
  • Regular status and strategy meetings to strengthen decision-making capacity

If you have any further questions, please donot hesitate to contact us.