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EEX awarded contract for sales in national emissions trading (nEHS)

The energy exchange EEX (European Energy Exchange AG) was awarded the contract for the sale of emission allowances in national emissions trading (nEHS) for fuels in Leipzig on 15 March. During the entire fixed price phase (up to and including 2025), the mandate of EEX comprises the sale of emission allowances. The first sale date is scheduled for October 2021 and preparations to hold the sale are in the starting blocks. Admission for sale on the EEX is expected to be possible from September 2021.

At least two dates per week, between October and December 2021, are scheduled for the purchase of emission allowances for the year 2021. For this purpose, EEX will publish a calendar containing all sales dates for the current year at least six weeks before the start of sales. During these individual sales appointments, it is then possible to place and transmit buy orders within a time window of at least 6 hours. A limit on the quantity of emission certificates is not envisaged for this purpose.

The transaction fee per emission allowance amounts to € 0.0049 or € 0.0058 including VAT.

As an inverter or other person entitled to admission pursuant to the SESTA, you can submit an application for admission to EEX as of September 2021. EEX will communicate the respective admission conditions at an early stage and publish them on the relevant website.

Source: DEHSt

Author: Sina Barragan, 31.03.2021

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