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Windpower: European high-tech manufacturers are ready for cooperation – but not at any price

An expert survey, supported by GALLEHR+PARTNER shows, that the leading wind turbine manufacturer in the long term expect a growing global windpower market due to the rising global energy demand and higher social acceptance. The industry is furthermore open for collaborations with companies from emerging markets in principle, provided that basic problems like the uncontrolled transfer of technology and the lack of legal certainty can be overcome.

Sebastian Gallehr, main shareholder of Gallehr Sustainable Risk Management GmbH says in regard of the expert survey: “The question about the openness of the German Wind Energy manufacturers currently is relevant from two perspectives. The one hand, Chinese companies in the wind industry are increasingly pushing in the coming years on the global markets, as it is already the case in the photovoltaic industry, on the other hand, the Chinese market for German manufacturer continues to offer great potential. For this reason we are very happy that we were able to assist the investigation of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg with our contacts and knowledge. ”

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