Movement on the subject of national emissions trading (BEHG): Federal Cabinetadopts ordinances/ DEHSt information event on implementation of BEHG

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On 02.12.2020, the Federal Cabinet approved the long-awaited Fuel Emissions Trading Ordinance BEHV (Register and Sale) and the Emissions Reporting Ordinance EBeV 2022.

The EBeV 2022 (previously referred to in the draft bill as the Emissions Reporting Ordinance 2022 – BeV 2022) deals with emissions reporting in fuel emissions trading and initially applies exclusively to the periods 2021 and 2022.

The SESTO in turn regulates the sale of emission allowances in national emissions trading and the national emissions trading registry.

A first unofficial reading version has been made available and publishedby DEHSt on its website during today’s (04.12.2020) information event on the enforcement of the SESTA.

The slides of the event will be made available on the DEHSt website afterwards.

The Carbon Leakage Regulation is also still pending and is still in the process of being drafted.

We will report more on this shortly.

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