Quentin Scharf

M.Sc. Energy, building and environmental management

Contact details

Tel.: +49 6039 92 91 958
E-mail: quentin.scharf@gallehr.de


Quentin Scharf already wanted to actively shape the energy transition in Tübingen when he was in school. That’s why he decided to study for a bachelor’s degree in energy management at Biberach University of Applied Sciences. In his bachelor thesis at the climate protection agency in the district of Reutlingen, he analyzed and evaluated regional potentials and possible uses of industrial waste heat. The MSc. Energy, Building and Environmental Management he spent at the Technical University of Bingen.

He wrote the master thesis “Creation of decision trees for eligible climate neutrality measures as a handout for industrial companies in the context of the EU Green Deal” at GALLEHR+PARTNER®. This work was directly used operationally. After successfully completing his studies, he remained with GALLEHR+PARTNER® as an expert in funding programs. Since then, transformation concepts and subsidy services have been offered, among other things.