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Emissions trading

We are your competent partner for all questions concerning the European CO2-Emissions Trading

The EU Emissions Trading System has been running since 2005. Since the start of preparations in 2004, our experts have been helping German and English companies to prepare for and successfully participate in the European Emissions Trading System.

From the outset, our experts have successfully supported German and international industry in understanding the emissions trading system introduced in 2005 and using it to their advantage. To date, more than 100 plant operators have optimally mastered the economic challenges of emissions trading in cooperation with the experts from GALLEHR+PARTNER® or have been continuously supported by us through our 360° CO2 service.

What we deliver

Gallehr Sustainable Risk Management GmbH supports industrial companies and energy suppliers in all matters relating to the EU greenhouse gas emissions trading system and in reducing the costs incurred by companies as a result of this system. Furthermore, we support the preparation of applications for subsidies for indirect CO2 costs (Electricity Price Compensation).

  • Creation of the annual News about the operation and the required Method reports in the FMS of the DEHSt
  • Verifiable Determination of CO2 Emissions and annual preparation of CO2 Emissions reports in the FMS of DEHSt
  • Authorisable Creation or adaptation of Monitoring plans including creation of Improvement reports in FMS of DEHSt
  • Fallback and backup services for European Union registries for managing CO2 Authorisations and Virtuelle Poststelle the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt)
  • CO2 Strategy workshops with Market observations, price assessments, legal updates, CO2 Balance sheets, portfolio forecasts, trading and action recommendations and competitive CO2 Reduction strategies

What’s the point?

For companies that are obliged to participate in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), nothing works without surrendering CO2 emission allowances for every tonne of CO2 emitted. In the meantime, the prices for the purchase of emission allowances for the European CO2 emissions trading scheme have arrived at a stable price level. An experienced and optimised fulfilment of the obligations and an optimised application for free emission allowances therefore decides more and more on the competitiveness of these companies.

GALLEHR+PARTNER® supports you in all questions concerning the European CO2 emissions trading, further national climate protection legislation and voluntary CO2 neutrality efforts.

How do we proceed?

CO2 emission management for the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) - emission reports, monitoring plans and methodology reports, CO2 strategy, operational communications, EU Union registry, FMS and VPS support

First Inventory

In the first step we come to your company and determine your individual needs:

  • Recording and comparison of the individual objectives of the client
  • Adjustment of the exact cable circumference
  • Creation of the templates for data acquisition
  • Reconciliation of specific report format of all CO2-relevant data
  • Learning about those responsible for EU ETS
  • Preliminary review of existing documents (emission reports, monitoring plans, allocation decisions, etc.)
  • Tour of the facilities
  • Analysis of the adjacent energy and emission management processes

GALLEHR+PARTNER® 360° CO2-Emission Management

If required we support you with our GALLEHR+PARTNER® 360° CO2-Emissionsmanagement in all questions around the CO2-Emissionshandel and around CO2-Neutralität:

All around the production of the communications to the enterprise

  • Determination of all required Operating information
  • Authorisable preparation and adaptation of the required Method reports
  • Creation of the annual Reports on operating changes in the DEHSt FMS
  • Support for Virtual Mailroom

All you need to know about preparing CO2emission reports

  • Verifiable Determination of the CO2-Emissions
  • Authority-compliant preparation of emission reports in DEHSt FMS
  • accompaniment of verification of emission reports
  • Support for the Virtual Mailroom

All you need to know about creating and adapting monitoring plans

  • Authorisable preparation of Monitoring plans
  • Creation of Improvement reports
  • Authorisable Adjustments of monitoring plans
  • Support for Virtual Mailroom

Security for your business through fallback and backup

  • VPS Backup for timely delivery of all reports and requests
  • Position Additional Plenipotentiary for the EU Union Register
  • Procurement of Trading partners

CO2-Strategy consulting

  • Market Observations and Price Assessments by Market Participants
  • observation of legal changes
  • Individual strategy workshops on site with current CO2balances sheets and portfolio forecasts
  • Recommendations for trade and action
  • CO2Reduction strategies

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As a first, cost free step it would be a pleasure for us to be allowed to inform you about the recent developments concerning all questions regarding CO2-Administration, -Management and Emissions Trading and further Emissions Trading Schemes by providing our charge-free CO2 newsletter ».

GALLEHR+PARTNER® is able to support Industries, Energy Utilities and the international Aviation sector further by

Furthermore we provide full service for your complete CO2-Management, -Trading and -Administration needs including reporting, controlling, communication to EU Member States Competent Authorities and portfolio management, as we already do successfully for notable companies of the energy and industry sector.

Specific Sector Information

Global Aviation sector in the EU CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme