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Emissions trading

Although the European Emissions Trading Scheme came into existence in 2005, from the beginning on our experts are supporting the activities of German and English companies in the stationary energy intensive Industries and energy sector to prepare for these new market and to participate successfully.

After Emissions Trading has grown out of its child’s shoes it becomes evident that the administrative and management preparation of operators, supported by Gallehr Sustainable Risk Management GmbH – approximately 100 companies – turns out to be optimal. They are ready for the arising challenges.

As a first, cost free step it would be a pleasure for us to be allowed to inform you about the recent developments concerning all questions regarding CO2-Administration, -Management and Emissions Trading and further Emissions Trading Schemes by providing our charge-free CO2 newsletter ».

GALLEHR+PARTNER® is able to support Industries, Energy Utilities and the international Aviation sector further by

Furthermore we provide full service for your complete CO2-Management, -Trading and -Administration needs including reporting, controlling, communication to EU Member States Competent Authorities and portfolio management, as we already do successfully for notable companies of the energy and industry sector.

Specific Sector Information

Global Aviation sector in the EU CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme