Markus Kasten

Dipl.-Ing. (TU Berlin) Power Engineering

Contact details

Phone: +49 6039 92 63 686


Markus Kasten is an expert in the fields of energy and CO2. After studying power engineering, Mr. Kasten worked as a project manager for wind farms and hydropower plants throughout Europe. Subsequently, he first founded a green energy distribution company in England and then established and built up the green energy supplier unit energy stromvertrieb GmbH. The innovative know-how from the liberalized German electricity market enabled Mr. Kasten to establish the service company Energie Service Gesellschaft GmbH.

Two years after the takeover of these companies from NUON, Markus Kasten joined the consulting network GALLEHR+PARTNER® and since 2004 has been supporting energy suppliers and industrial companies in a wide range of energy-related issues with the main focus on CO2 emissions trading. Since 2007 he has been managing director of Gallehr Sustainable Risk Management GmbH.