Leon Roth

B.Sc. Economics

Contact details

Phone: +49 6039 92 63 642
E-mail: leon.roth@gallehr.de


Leon Roth will graduate in April 2022 with a B. Sc. degree. in his major subject Economics – Management and Economics at the University of Innsbruck. Already during his studies, he developed a great interest in the further development of existing market systems in the direction of an ecological market economy, in addition to the substantive topics of the Department of Economics.

He wrote his bachelor thesis on “Negative Emissions Technologies in the European Emissions Trading Scheme” with the aim of being able to demonstrate a theoretical business case for CDR technologies based on the currently available literature. Since July 01, 2022 Leon Roth is employed at GALLEHR+PARTNER® as an intern and supports the team in the field of energy and greenhouse gas management.