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Climate Neutrality and Carbon Footprint

CO2-Neutrality requires a resilient baseline

Climate protection policy is fundamentally changing the markets. Climate-friendly products and processes are increasingly in demand, while climate-damaging companies are facing more and more problems. Therefore, it is vital for every company to adapt to them in good time.

The Carbon Footprint provides information on the amount of greenhouse gases produced during the manufacture and/or use of a product or service. It enables

  1. companies to develop their own assessment basis for the development of strategies for CO2neutrality
  2. companies and consumers to understand, control and compare the climate impact of products.
  3. To develop the basis to understand what one’s own position is in climate protection and how it can be used and improved in competition

How climate-friendly is your company and your products?

GALLEHR +PARTNER® is a recognized expert for the intelligent handling of greenhouse gas emissions! Economical and technical! The GALLEHR +PARTNER® Carbon Footprint process helps companies and their customers to prepare for the future. Procedures and methods are adapted, for example, to specific company situations, while at the same time taking existing standards into account:

GALLEHR+PARTNER® determines how large the carbon footprint is for each product (Product Carbon Footprint) and for the entire company (Corporate Carbon Footprint). Already with this inventory it often becomes clear where greenhouse gas emissions and thus energy consumption can be reduced without large additional costs.

We do not shy away from comparisons

The GALLEHR+PARTNER® Carbon Footprint should create trust. Therefore it meets all standards such as the Greenhousegas Protocol, EMAS and ISO 14064-1. Our results are verifiable and can be publicly compared.

Reduced emissions bring many benefits:

Companies can determine their future market position themselves. Even with rising energy prices, they retain their economic freedom of movement.

More and more investors are recognizing this and are already positively evaluating the future orientation demonstrated by the Carbon Footprint.

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