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Carbon Footprint

Loosing money with big CO2 Carbon Footprints!

Climate Change will also change the existing markets. The demand for climate friendly products, services and processes will grow more and more. To be prepared for this change will be essential for the success of each company!


Carbon Footprint – the new symbol for environmental friendly products

This conventionalized footprint is providing information about the Greenhouse-Gas load of the production and the usage of each product or company. In the future, the Carbon Footprint will be more and more important, because especially climate friendly produced products will be more successful on the markets in times of climate change.


How climate friendly are your products?

The consulting company GALLEHR+PARTNER® is a renowned expert in the field of handling the carbon and CO2 business in an intelligent and economic orientated way! The GALLEHR+PARTNER Carbon Footprint Process is supporting companies and customers like the German market leader for poultry Wiesenhof to set up a future orientated low carbon approach. The processes and methodologies to evaluate the carbon footprint will be adjusted to the specific situation of each company while being compatible with existing standards: GALLEHR+PARTNER®-experts will evaluate,

  • how bis is the Carbon Footprint of each product (Product Carbon Footprint)
  • how big is the carbon footprint of the company (Corporate Carbon Footprint).
  • And even during the evaluation process the experience shows reduction potentials for CO2 emissions and therefor energy savings without a investments.

We are not fearing comparisons! The GALLEHR+PARTNER® Carbon Footprint has to gain trust Due to this it will fulfill the existing standards like the WBCSD Greenhousegas-Protocol, PAS 2050, EMAS and ISO 14064-1. Our results are able to be verified independently and therefore a robust basis for external communication!

Reduced Emissions will gain a lot of advantages on the markets of the future:

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