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GALLEHR+PARTNER® supports sessions to evaluate Blockchain Technologies to strengthen the common goods

Sessions in German Language: Blockchain-Technology und Smart Contracts to strenghthen public walfare?


Blockchain technology and the associated development of digital smart contracts is not just a way of developing alternative currencies. A large number of companies, research institutions and initiatives are currently researching the possible applications. There may also be opportunities for public administrations and states. It is becoming apparent that blockchain technology – or even distributed ledger technology – could find its way into the management of many areas of life. Two design dimensions open up accordingly:

How can we use new digital technologies such as blockchains to promote concrete social, cultural and environmental public goods?
On the other hand, what dangers do they pose for the common good? How do we counter threats and contain damage to commons?

These two questions will examine these ethical issues and political attitudes towards new automation technologies.

Blockchain-Technologie und Smart Contracts zur Stärkung des Gemeinwohls