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Energy Management

Energy management is a management issue. Every head of any company has to keep an eye on energy efficiency in the face of rising energy costs. In particular the implementation of an Energy Management System, following the International Standard ISO 50001 generates several  advantages for industial companies.

GALLEHR+PARTNER® is on your side at structuring and implementing the ISO 50001 Plan Do Check Act Cycle and  helps on the supply side as well as on the demand side to generate energy more efficiently or, respectively, to use it in a more efficient way.

GALLEHR+PARTNER® is able to support you further by Economical evaluation of cost saving potentials over the life time.

Furthermore GALLEHR+PARTNER® is able to support you with financing, the organization of maintainance and is offering operational support for implementing standard and tailormade energy management systems. Regarding the more advanced topic of Smart Energy Management and Smart Metering, the experts of GALLEHR+PARTNER® are present in several development networks.