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Energy Management: Our Consulting Modules

Since 2014 GALLEHR+PARTNER® has implemented 12 independent energy management systems, successfully certified according to ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 50001:2018 for industrial companies and a research center. The certified sites are located in Germany, Romania, Hungary and France.

In times of the energy revolution, the technical and economic framework conditions for the energy supply of the economy change continuously. Accordingly, the ability of companies to understand their own energy consumption profile and to optimize it quickly and flexibly is developing into a significant competitive advantage.

We offer the following services

Module 1: 360° PDCA Management as a Continuous Service
The GALLEHR+PARTNER® 360° energy management for your company offers you professional, continuous and holistic support for your energy management systems. We provide you with all necessary systems, personnel resources and infrastructures for a certification-safe and standard-compliant operation of your energy management in your company or also as a complete outsourcing solution according to your individual needs.

Module 2: Gap Analyses of Management Systems
We are your competent partner for audits and stress tests for your energy and environmental management systems. GALLEHR+PARTNER® examines your management systems with the aim that you know your measures in order to be able to calmly face the next external audit and the new requirements from ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and the upcoming ISO 50001:2018.

Module 3: PDCA Management
Plan, Do, Check, Act: The worldwide established process for continuous improvement. Lay the foundations to continuously and sustainably save energy costs and thus secure your competitiveness. And, of course, also to support your contribution to environmental protection and the avoidance of greenhouse gases.

Module 4: Establishment of a continuous data management system
Continuous data management: The information basis for the continuous improvement process of your energy management. Create the necessary plannability to leverage improvement potentials and increase your negotiation security when purchasing energy.

Module 5: Structure of multi-site systems according to ISO 50003 and IAF (Matrix systems)
Is your company active at several locations within or outside Germany? Then you should talk to us about an ISO 50003 compliant multi-site energy management system. We are the experts for setting up and implementing your energy management across several locations.

Module 6: Management System Integration (Quality, Environment, Energy)
The ISO management standards for environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015 and quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 have been revised and their structure adapted to the ISO high-level-structure. The upcoming revision of the energy management standard ISO 50001:2018 will also follow the high-level-structure. For all companies that operate a certified energy, environmental or quality management system, these adjustments mean new requirements for re-certification, but also new synergy opportunities for the integration of operations. We support you in the integration of your management systems.

Module 7: Creation or adaptation of the required management documentation
GALLEHR+PARTNER® helps you to create your individual management manual which conforms to the ISO high-level-structure and documents how your existing organizational processes are integrated into it.

Module 8: Reporting
GALLEHR+PARTNER® is your reliable partner for the development of reporting in your energy management. No ideas, agreements and decisions are lost in an efficient reporting system and the evidence required by the auditors can be provided at any time.

Module 9: Energy Cost Management

The GALLEHR+PARTNER® Energy cost management offers you a overall view of your energy cost complex and enables you to lift new potentials.